Rum’s Revenge

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This be a treasure, indeed. We’ve brought together 12 rare rums, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. These aren’t rums to mix with Coke. Well, you could. You’re a pirate, after all. You do what you like.     

But these are some of the best rums we have ever tried. Using your treasure map, you can journey through 12 rums we personally selected from all over the world. They are all single cask and exclusive to us. If you like rum, or you’d like to like rum, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. 

In addition to 12 samples of rum (50ml bottles, to be precise), your booty also includes: 

  • A skull glass to drink yer plunder (you’re a pirate, not an animal)

  • A treasure map to chart yer way through perilous waters

  • Hidden treasure to help yer journey 

  • A piece of eight lapel pin. Aarrggg!